Shelly Lawyer

Executive Director & Grant Program Manager

Shelly Dreese joined Wanner Associates in November 2018 as our registration coordinator. In addition, in February of 2019 she took on the task of membership coordinator for a few of our associations. In these roles, she utilizes her 20+ years of experience in customer service and 5+ years of experience in management roles.

Some of the attributes she is well known for her friendly demeanor, creativity, attention to detail, customer service mindset, communication, problem solving skills and her sense of humor. Shelly ensures the client looks good by providing superior quality of work. Her eagerness to learn and grow has led her to become an Account Executive and Grant Program Manager.

She enjoys traveling, reading, being outdoors and is an avid animal lover. In her spare time Shelly can be found spending time with her family and friends or with her fiancé, Ryan and their dogs.