Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

Know what’s going on when it’s happening

Keeping up with a full-time legislature is a full-time job. When new bills get introduced, legislative hearings are held, and votes are scheduled — we are there. Our clients need eyes and ears on the ground in order to stay vigilant, experienced advocates who can anticipate government’s next move, and seasoned experts who understand their client and know how to react immediately.

Constant presence and real-time reporting

Our team maintains a constant presence in the halls of government tracking bills as they are introduced, amendments as they are added and actions taken by the executive branch. We are a regular fixture in the Capital monitoring committee meetings, information meetings and budget hearings or just catching up with leaders in the halls. In this fast-paced environment, clients receive reports, often in real-time, on the government’s actions and activities that impact their interests.

  • Legislative monitoring
  • Legislative meeting and hearing coverage
  • Budget tracking
  • Executive branch agency regulatory tracking
  • News media and government publication monitoring
  • Client reports