Thinking about hiring a Government Relations firm?

Success Starts with Strong Relationships

What happens under the dome in Harrisburg isn’t all that different from what happens in communities everywhere. People have something they want to get done. People talk to other people. They find volunteers, come together, work together and get the job done.

Sounds simple right? Well, whether you have a project to complete at work, are volunteering for the next big event at your kids’ school, or sit on a board of your favorite charity – meeting your goal is easier when you know what’s going on around you and when solid relationships are firmly in place with the people you need to work with – those who are with you and those who are not.

The legislative process is no different. Moving bills through the legislature and even preventing harmful bills from coming to pass require the same kind of interpersonal interaction as any other project you might approach.

Working with government, however can get complicated. There are laws that govern interactions with public officials and complicated rules that dictate the legislative process. Knowing the rules, the players and the system not only can help organizations meet their goals but also can prevent trouble from brewing. Not too many people have the time or resources to constantly track legislation, file lobbying disclosure reports, monitor committee hearings and meetings, or follow and interpret the daily moves made by government. The answer? Hire a government relations firm that has the time and expertise to do it.

So what you should look for when hiring a government relations firm?

Longevity. A firm with decades of experience in government affairs is a firm that isn’t pigeonholed into dealing with one party or one administration. A well-established firm has navigated the ebb and flow of political power with every election cycle and has bipartisan relationships that easily transition when the governor’s mansion changes hands or the political party running the legislature’s leadership shifts.

Bipartisanship. Firms that have relationships on both sides of the political aisle are able to work issues with flexibility and nimbleness that legislation often requires. In politics, and therefore governing, things can change quickly. Organizations that are interested in long-term results are smart to align with firms that don’t have all their eggs in one basket.

Decode. Decipher. Translate. The world is moving at warp speed these days and the legislative process is no exception. There is more information out there than ever before, but you have to know where to look and you have to know what to do with that information once you have it. Those at the top of their game in government affairs advocacy are able to get that information and communicate with decision makers in both the client’s camp and back to governmental decision makers quickly and effectively.

“It’s like the United Nations where you know a whole bunch of languages and you need to be able to move back and forth between those cultures and languages with ease,” says Ted Mowatt, Senior Associate and Lobbyist at Wanner Associates. “Sometimes things happen in the legislative process that are unfathomable. In government affairs and advocacy, it’s our job to translate the clients interest to the legislators and the legislative process back to the client.”

For over three decades, Wanner Associates has made connections and built bi-partisan connections within the halls of government. To find out more about their experience and what Wanner Associates can do for your organization contact us at